Long Term Care

Putting People First

Our Westham Neighborhood boasts an engaging and positive quality of life for all of its long-term care residents.

  • 68-bed long-term care unit provides the necessary comfort, safety, and sense of community for nursing care residents
  • Each resident is assessed and given an individual care plan to ensure personalized care
  • Daily activities keep residents entertained, active and engaged
  • Our Social Services team monitors a patient’s emotional and mental well-being, coordinates services, and helps resolve questions

Memory Care

Our Grove Neighborhood caters to residents with memory care needs.

  • Secure 68-bed unit with passcode-protected primary exit
  • Hallway exits feature the Wander Guard protection system
  • Activities are catered specifically to residents with memory care needs, helping them remain engaged and entertained

A Lovely Community

Visitors often remark on how well-maintained our facility is—beautiful landscaping, fresh, appealing dining areas, and spacious gathering rooms.

But, first and foremost, they notice that Lexington Rehabilitation and Healthcare is a community that works together to make life as pleasant as possible for all.

We encourage you to visit and tour Lexington Rehabiliation and Healthcare to see for yourself. This is a special place that puts quality of life first.